Baby Bassinet

Created Using Photo impact version XL

skill Level intermediate.

Author; Jane Davidson

Web site: Jane's Haven.

Email: Here

Terms of Use: here

Tools used: Path tools, Path edit, Air Brush, Paint brush, blue tool, type effect.

Extra files needed; material for type effect; here.

Ribbon full Here.

  step 1. Open a new image size 525X625, background color; I used #A0F794, you may use any color you prefer to make it easier to see.

Step 2. The hood Side; using the ellipse; color; white, size; 93X149,  2D. using the nodes to adjust the shape as you see in the example at left.

step 2A, Inside hood; Again draw an ellipse size; 95X87, same color, edit the shape as in the example.

step 3.inside; With the ellipse size; 325X 37, white, edit the left side of the ellipse like in the picture.


step 4. skirt;  Using Plaque 5, color white, size; any for now, flip it  vertically  and using the perspective resize to:356X38 for the top of the skirt. Path edit to edit the shape like in the example. You may have to add nodes,

Step 5; Bottom skirt; Using the rectangle, color white 2D, size; 346X234, place this rectangle just below the last shape we made. Click on the transform tool, perspective to pull the bottom outwards, Go into path edit, right click on the top and convert to curve, edit this to fit the shape above.

click on the bottom, still in edit mode, convert to curve, use the handles on each side and push them slightly upwards to give it a rounded look. Add nodes across the bottom and push some slightly up and pull some down to make it look gathered. click on each side  and convert to curve. bring the node inward, just enough to make a small curve on each side. Your gathers may look different but that's ok.

on the left is what I have now, resized 60 percent.

step 6, hood ruffle; draw an ellipse in white, size;133X104, 2D, go into path edit to edit the shape around the hood. Like in the example, add nodes on the top and down around the sites pulling the handles for make ruffles. See example at left.

Step 7. make a ribbon, Rectangle color;white, I used a fill which you can download at the top of the page, or use your own.  size; 363X17, edit this so it fits just above the top of the skirt.

Step7A, loops; Using the rectangle in white size; 10X23, duplicate it 3 times and place them over the ribbon evenly.

8. skirt shading; First, duplicate the skirt, move the duplicate out into it's own window, Select the skirt to make it active, right click and convert to an image. Using the air brush with these settings; size  20, soft edge; 50, color;#898686. paint lines down the skirt, they don't have to be perfectly even, we want to make it look like it is gathered. reduce the size of the air brush to;14, to make smaller gathers at the top of the skirt, downwards but not all the way to the bottom. Use the blur tool; size; 60. level;5, soft edge;50, use a downward stroke to blend the lines.

9.Skirt overlay. Move the duplicate back on the main image over the skirt. fill this with a different color, I used pink. Right click on the duplicate, convert to an image. go to effects, creative, click on type effect, preset effect; hole,  look to the top right where it says shape, click it and browse to where you saved the shape you downloaded from the top of the page. At left you can see the settings. The shape you see in the example may be a different one than the one your using.

Send this piece behind the ribbon and loops.

10. shading; Now select all of the pieces, except, both skirts, ribbon and loops. set the paint brush to; size 15, softedge;100, color'#C6BFBF, go to effect, paint on edges.

use the airbrush with these setting; size;9, soft edge; 50 to give the ruffles around the hood the effect of gathers. use the blur tool to blend.


After completing this Tutorial feel free to download the award on the left.
This award is offered to you on the honor system. Right click and save to your own folder. Please do not link to any of my graphics. Thank you.


The Bassinet on the left was done by Fiona

Thank you Fiona for doing a wonderful job.