Cartoon Lady Tutorial

Created with Ulead Photo Impact.

PI Version-I am using version XL, I am certain it can be done in earlier versions, from PIXL on up to PI12.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Author: Jane Davidson

Web Site: Jane's Haven


Terms of Use:Here

Tools used; Path drawing tool, paint on edges, blur, path edit, paint brush, air brush, dodge tool, blur tool, burn tool, smudge tool.


Extra files; The picture, which you may download here.

The first step is to find a picture, this one is clip art I found on one of my disks I purchased. Sometimes I use pictures from coloring pages. You must use a picture that you are sure does not have a strict copyright. Some pictures I used are also one's I scan, that my Granddaughter draws for me on paper with pencils. We are going to use mine for this tut. Which you can download here or the link at the top.

This is a long tutorial as I have tried to give you lots of details. Many have asked me to write a tutorial on how I do people. I am not an expert by no means, but I try.




1. Open the picture you downloaded from above in Photo impact, unzip it first.;)) We are going to work on top of the picture with the path tools for now. It is all done in 2D except where otherwise stated. After we have it drawn, we have to make it come to life.



2. Using the shape, ellipse size; 70X81; color; #F6AD81. Draw the ellipse right over the face of the picture, like the example at left.

Click into path edit mode to edit the shape around the face. Just follow the line like your tracing. You will need to add nodes, as you can see.



These two are enlarged

3. Eyes, Draw an ellipse size; 15X32; color; #99FFFF or any color you want to use. Use the Path Edit to trace around the eye like in the example.

3a. Eyes part 2, draw another ellipse, size; 11x20, color; #5E9696, path edit to make the shape like the inner part of the eye in the picture, Do both eyes the same way.

3B.  Eye part 3, for the dark part of the eye, draw an ellipse for the right eye, size; 7X9, color; #603F0E, edit it it you need to do so. Do the same for the left eye.






4. Eyebrows, you can use the paint brush with a size of 2, color; black to draw a curved eyebrow  Paint Click the iconto paint as object.


5. Nose, I used the paint brush painting in mode, size;2, color; #A47350 and followed the line on the pic for her nose.

6. Lips, for the lips, I didn't  go by the picture, I made more of a realistic lips. With the ellipse, size; 18X10, color; #E10000, use the editing nodes to form the lips.
7. Hair, with the ellipse, size; 130X146; color;#4D251B, you can use any color, follow the the outlines of the darker shade hair,

7A, Hair 2, now for the lighter shade of hair, draw an ellipse; size; 49X76, color; I used; #B3848A, use the nodes to form the second part of the hair.

8. Neck; Draw and ellipse, size;39X21, color; #F6AD81, edit the shape by following the neck on the picture.


9. Arms, Draw an ellipse, size; 102X61, same color, to edit around the left arm. For the left hand make the ellipse size; 31X26, same color.

9A. Right arm, Draw an ellipse large enough for the size of the right arm and hand in the same color as the rest of the skin and edit again.

10. Her back; draw an ellipse size;31X84 same color and trace around the back.

11. Dress front, Draw an ellipse size; 42X49, I used color; #C40000, you may use any color you prefer. Edit the shape in the same way.

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by Jane Davidson all rights reserved except where otherwise stated.