This Tutorial is a Gard4en Bench to hold Flowers. Using Photo Impact Version XL. Can be done in other versions as well.

By Jane's Haven

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Extra Supplies; Wood Presets, HERE

Tools Used; Path Drawing, path edit tool, continue draw, perspective, outline drawing tool.

Skill Level; Intermediate.


1. Open a new image, white background or color of your choice, size; 425X425.

2. Using the path drawing tool Rectangle, draw a rectangle, size;38WX275H pixels, any color for now. Go into path edit, add a point at the center top, to pull it up, see example. Click out of path edit, use a wood preset of your choice or download mine from the top of the page. We want the wood grain going in a vertical direction, therefore if. the grain is running horizontal in the preset your using, open the material adjustment tool, click on the, color, texture button at the top, then, click,, options to tick the 90 degree button. Settings should be, 3D round, , border 4, depth 30. Click OK.

This is the first back board on the left.

3. Now duplicate this board and resize the height to:162 pixels, place it to the right of the first one, leaving a space between the two. Raise the second one somewhat higher.

4. Make another duplicate, resize the height to; 190 pixels. this is the third back board, move it right and up a bit, again, leave a space between them..

5.Duplicate once more making the height; 195 pixels, this is the middles board.

Now, holding down the control key, click on the first 3 boards and group, then, duplicate and flip horizontally. Place on the right of the middle one.

Select all 7 boards, right click, align, then click align horizontally.

6.The seat; Draw a rectangle size' 327X31, same wood preset and same settings. place in front of the 7 back boards, near the bottom of the boards.

Using the transform tool, perspective, grab the left front handle to widen the front.

7. Draw a rounded rectangle, the same width as the seat front, 6 pixels in length. 3D, border; 3, depth 30, the same wood preset. Place it across the seat front.

8.  Draw a rectangle, size; same width as the last piece X48H. 3D. same wood preset, same settings, place this below the seat and the strip across the front of the seat and send it behind both. seat piecess..

9. Front legs. Draw a rectangle, size; 48WX164H, same wood, the grain should be running vertically, same settings, in 3D round, for the left leg. Place on the left send it behind the seat pieces. Duplicate and place the duplicate on the right side.. these should be placed further to the outside, so that, you can see a bit of the back legs. Select both of the legs while holding the control key and align  bottom.



10. Select the seat  bottom. go to continue draw mode, use the rectangle shape, draw a rectangle in the middle of the seat. Now open the path drawing tool drop down menu and click on path edit tool. Shown at the left.

Use the path edit tool to pull the front tow nodes outwards a bit, to give it perspective, See example at left. Line the back up with the seat back or it will leave a bit of the seat in the back.

Now we have the opening for the flowers.

11.Using the rectangle shape, draw a shape the width  of the opening in the back of the seat and 6 pixels in height. Group tre seat and the last shape.

12. Use the outline drawing tool, rectangle, size; 205X23H,I used a green color #437C43, to go around the opening. Border of 3, in 2D. Yours may be a different width, depends on the size of your opening.

Use the transform tool perspective to pull the front outwards, to the left and right for perspective..

13. Draw another rectangle in black to fit the same opening but only half of the length of the opening. You must use the transform tool perspective for pull the front outwards to fit the opening properly.

Draw another rectangle in the color black, to fit the front half of the opening. Use perspective once more. Send both behind the green rectangle outline. See left.

14. Now for a little shading. Using the paint brush, size;10, soft edge; 100, color;#6E472E, straight line and in paint as object  mode. Hold the shift key down and draw a straight line over to the left side.See example at left.

15. Activate the burn tool, size; 45, level; 100, soft edge; 50, select the seat, ungroup, select only the seat to burn the back edge of the seat.

There you have a pretty bench for your flowers, which can be placed between the two black rectangle.

16. I found a small problem while place the flowers. the green rectangle outline must be erased at the back, for the flowers to look like they are centered in the rectangle, so then I drew a small rectangle to fit behind the flowers in the same color green as the rectangle outline shape. See Left

Thanks Niicky for Doing my Tutorial. It is really a Beauty. Nicky is a Very Dear Friend I met online.

You may download the award on the left. Which is my thanks for doing my Tutorial
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