Created Using Photo impact version XL

skill Level intermediate.

Author; Jane Davidson

Web site: Jane's Haven.

Email: Here

Terms of Use: here

Tools used: path drawing tool,Path edit, paint brush, blur tool, transform tool,

  1. new image; open a new image, size; 504X 350, i used background color; #235570.

2. stork body; With the path drawing tool, ellipse, size;258X60, color; white 2D, draw your shape. Go into path edit and edit the shape like the example, you will have to add nodes.

3.Wing 1; using the ellipse again same color, white, draw a shape size;80X130. Go into path edit and edit the shape as you see at left.

4. wing 2; Draw another ellipse for wing 2. same color, size: 57X132,  2D, Edit the shape like in the example. right click, arrange, send to back

5. leg 1; draw another ellipse size; 100X 17, color; #A55D13, 3D. edit the shape like the first one at left. click out of path edit, open easy palette, in the material attribute gallery, click on bump find bump; m19, double click to apply the bump to the leg. open the material options window and change the border;3, depth; 30. place it on the left of the body. Send to back.


6. leg 2; draw another ellipse size; 100X17, same color, 3D. edit the shape as you see in the example. if the bump is not already applied, apply it now. place this one just above the first leg. Send to Back.



7. foot 1.using the same color, bump and settings.  open the shapes panel, scroll down and use the crown 2 shape. make it any size for now. use the transform tool to rotate left 90%. use the transform, resize to; 30X35. place it on the bottom of the first leg. use the rotate freely rotate it a bit to the left. See example at left. you may have to edit the shape so it is the same width as the leg, where it meets.

8. Foot 2, duplicate this foot and place it on the other leg, rotate freely a bit to the right.

Select first leg and foot and merge as a single object, use the blur tool to blur where the foot meets the leg. do the same to the second foot and leg.



9. beak; using the shape a11, color; #D78808, size; 99X19, 3D chisel, border; 5, depth; 30. place it on the right of the body, use the transform, rotate freely to rotate to the right on the right side, just a little bit.

10. eye; draw a small ellipse in black, size 7X5. In 3D

and place it on the head.

Opposite is what I have now.

11.Shading; set your paint brush on the settings at left. color; #F89292. or any color you prefer. click on the body, convert to image, go to effects, creative, paint on edges.

12. select each wing and convert to image, using the same settings for the paint brush, paint on edges, both wings.

using the blur tool with the settings you see at left, blur around the edges of the body and wings.


13. Baby blanket; draw an ellipse, size; 97X75 pixels, color white, 2D, edit the shape like the example, you will have to add nodes.

14. add shading; Use the paint brush with the settings above, except change the size to; 15. right click, change to image and paint on edges. place this so the top is  at the top of the beak. Now blur.

Duplicate and send to back and move it slightly to the left and upwards a bit to give it depth. Use the format, brightness and contrast, click on the left bottom window two or three times to darken.


15.knot; draw an ellipse, size;15X11, color white, paint on edges, change the size to 5.

 16. draw 2 more ellipse, and edit them like in the example and again, paint on edges. blur both. send behind the knot.


17.paby hat; I drew an ellipse size; 34X32, color; #FF7F7C, edit the shape as in the example. when completed, set your paint brush to size; 5, softedge;50, color #F89292 and paint on Edges, and blur. send this behind the first blanket. You may have to rotate the hat slightly to the right, don't want to break the babies neck. (thanks Nicky)

18. Booties; Path drawing too, ellipse, same color, size, 22X21. Edit the shape like the example. Use the paint brush tool, same cooler but change the size to:3 and pOE, blur. place this on the right of the blanket and send behind the top blanket.

19. duplicate this booty move it upwards and send behind the first booty and blanket.

20. head; draw a small circle, size 17X17, or thereabouts, color;#F9C2AA use the paint brush tool, size; 5, soft edge 50, color #A96B50, pOE. Place the head behind the hat and top blanket...You have Completed my stork tutorial. if you wish to contact me use the email link at the top.

Feel free to right click and save the award to your own folder. I trust you have completed my stork tutorial. Please be kind and don't link to my graphics.


This one was done by Nicky