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Do not take anything from my weebsite, and claim them as your own.

If you do the above it will cause us both grief

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Graphics are free to use on personal sites, no nudity please, must be clean enough for a child to view. Commercial sites must contact me.

Would be nice to have a link back to my site but not necessary

Direct linking and hot linking is bandwidth theft.

You must not do this.

Download them and to your computer and upload them to your server the same way you do for your html files.

Do not send a page through email as this is stealing bandwidth also, you may send my link through email.

My domain has a system that tells me when someone is hot linking, and you will find a not so nice graphic replacing the original which you stole from my domain. I have gone as far as reporting to your server administrator and your site will be frozen or deleted, it has happened many times.

Do not hot link in forums or chat or email, it will cause the same problems for you.

If your neighbor was stealing your electric by connecting to your outlet, would you be happy, no you would not.

Bandwidth theft is against the law.

My graphics,

as I stated earlier on the page, graphics are free but do not claim them as you own or offer them for download

do not use them to make money, many of my graphics are created by me and I own all coprights to them.

My Tutorials...What you create are yours.

Thank you


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