Yes there are abusive women! The story started with: a wife slugged her husband in the jaw while he was driving on the freeway.

Important things to know about domestic violence.

Cynthia Morrow, Psy.D Wrote this below.

The abused husband should know that the situation will escalate.

The type of anger she displayed is is never about the issue. This is about the release of pent-up anxiety in the abuser. The abuse will escalate because it takes more and more anger and violence to get the abuser to the physical release she needs. Think of cocaine and how the "high" keeps demanding larger and larger doses of the drug, and you get the picture. That is why we call such people "rageaholics".
It goes on to say....the abusers may try anger management classes but will not continue with them because they don't want to change. She has what she wants____a victim upon whom to focus her rage in order to get release. That is why so many abusers cry and feel loving toward their victims afterward. They are not remorseful, but momentarily grateful for the short-lived end of their own terrible anxiety, most often caused by feeling insecure and out-of-control about their lives. They will use their victims again and again when the anxiety returns.

Abuse of this sort is an addiction. The children are being emotionally harmed every time they see and hear their father abused. He should gather them up and leave, or make sure that his wife does--without the children. Neither he or his children are safe. What is to prevent her from driving her family into oncoming traffic next time, picking up a weapon, or in his absence, abusing the children when she needs to feel in control again?

The loss of her husband, children and home might convince her to give up her addiction. Even them, however, there are no guarantees.

This article is short but tells a lot about abusers and well worth reading.


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